Monthly Archives: May 2009

From 11th – 26th July there is an exhibition at Selly Manor in Bournville Birmingham by my art club – Studio 302 and I will be displaying some of my work there if anyone lives locally and wants to pop in!

I’m off to Cornwall again for most of the summer, I’ve primed my canvases and sharpened my pencils ready…. if it rains I’ll get lots of work done – if not….. nothing beats sitting in the warm sunshine with a good book!

Watch this space!

Sun wind and rain

‘Sun, wind and rain’                               graphite on paper 24″ x 18″

after David Cox

David Cox (1783 – 1859) was a brilliant artists who was born and lived in Birmingham. This copy  is a graphite drawing of his painting of the same title which was included in a recent  exhibition of his work at Birmingham Art Gallery.