Monthly Archives: January 2008


Pen & Wash on paper

8″ x 8″

Working from a cropped section of the original painting

‘Untitled’  Acrylic on paper 26 x 26 cm
This is the follow on from bubbles where I researched bubbles in shells which inspired me to look at the formation of shells and experimention with layers. I’m working at lot at present with applying paint and removing parts, revealing whats beneath – time perhaps, the past.
Acrylic on paper
I love this painting, the photo doesn’t do it justice for me and at a later date I intend to do another on canvas or board. Painting many layers and then removing sections at the end to reveal the past – ‘Conceal & Reveal’
This has given me the inspiration for my major final project and I hope to create large abstract paintings from this theme.
Close up section


Acrylic & Gold Leaf on paper 36 x 30cm

This is done in several layers, adding paint, scraping it off until the desired effect was achieved. The copy doesn’t really do it justice as it has dark depths and glittering surfaces.

Inspired by the photo below taken late at night overlooking the harbour in Looe, Cornwall which I think is the best time to vist Looe when a variety of little shops are open in the cobbled streets and wonderful smells emerge from local fish restaurants.

Photo of Looe Harbour at night



An ink sketch looking at the connecting points in a group of bubbles. Again, part of a series of work looking at bubbles, (which was inspired by work I did over last summer about the sea.) It is part of a work in process.


Watercolour on paper. Taken from a cropped section of the ink sketch. I love working in watercolour, especially wet in wet – very relaxing!


Drizzeled paint onto board inspired by the ink and watercolour sketches