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Wedding Rose painting

Wedding Rose

Acrylic on Canvas  45cm x 45cm

Painted for my son and his wife for their wedding stationary. I cut out the rose using photoshop and used it in various designs throughout the range of stationary for their wedding on 8th August 2009. And a wonderful day was had by all!


                       2009 - May - St Marys Church - drawing                


2009 - July - St Mary's church, Clock


 Stained Glass Window - St Marys Church, Thornbury


Graphite drawings

St Mary’s Church, Thornbury.

This is a beautiful Tudor church sits along side Thornbury castle. Built in the reign of Henry VIII – although parts are believed to go back to the 12th century, it was used by the King and his wife, Anne Boleyn and his daughter Mary Tudor lived there for a time. The large drawing looks down the churchfrom the altar towards the old carved wooden pews and one of the magnficent stained glass windows.

These drawings were made for my son and his fiance’s wedding stationary for his marriage in August 2009