Sea series

‘Rockpool’                         Charcoal                             FOR SALE


‘Rockpool’                            Oil & graphite                            FOR SALE

At last the final works from the ‘Rockpool’ series! It’s been interesting to see how each work inspired me in different ways to produce very different studies. I became so involved with this series that I abandoned my other drawings in my explorations! Ahh well – back to the easel!!


Rockpool – 13              White Graphtint pencil on black card                 5.5 x 20.5 cm


Rockpool – 12              Ink on paper                  20 x 20cm

Rockpool – 10               Graphtint pencils on paper

Rockpool – 9                  Acrylic paint on paper                     20 x 20 cm

Rockpool –   11        Graphite & Oilbar on paper         20 x 20cm

Rockpool – 8                       Acrylic paint & ink               20 x 20 cm


More works from my Rockpool series – I’m finding that the more I do the more ideas I have!





Graphite on paper

This seagull posed very professionally for me on the rocky crop

at the side of mevagissey harbour, he had his eyes fixed on the open sea

as if watching for the fishing boats to come home!

A British harbour or seaside wouldn’t be the same without seagulls –

Mevagissey seagulls love fish and chips – take care or they’ll snatch yours right from your fingers!


Graphite on paper

It’s been quite windy over the summer in Cornwall. On this day we stopped off on our way  back from Fowey to give Sally our dog a run on the beach at Par.

The waves were rolling inand inspired this drawing of them.

I love the sea – especially when it is really rough and at high tide, the crashing

waves and spray facinate me and I end up with hundreds of photos!



Graphite on paper  19 x 17.5 cm

I’m spending the summer in Cornwall – My aim is to draw and paint the sea with some degree of skill… I got distracted by a clump of interesting sea weed so after taking several photographs I cropped to this image and transfered it to graphite on paper.

Drawing is definately my favourite medium to work in!