Monthly Archives: February 2008


Soft pastel on paper 10″ x 10″

I am using primary colours in this part of my series of Beyond the Surface  paintings, but now with the addition of either white or black pastel .

The base of each work is identical, then I used white pastel (or black as below) to enhace the painting

On completion I used the painting below and altered it using ‘Paint’ and  ‘Photo Shop’ to create several new images,

I use this method in many of my works

(- one of which is VII below, which is from one of the  layered images I made.)

Layers in Time

A1, pasted newspaper with acrylic on paper

I’m experimenting with ways of portraying the past, time and memories in paint. Here I pasted headlines from the Times newspaper and then poured paint down the paper , partially concealing parts with masking tape which have been removed to hint at past issues without telling the full story. Each layer of paint was in a different colour before finishing with a coat in gold to conceal the previous layers.