Flakey Tree



This one of the many trees in Warley Woods – an old wood that was once part of James Galtons estate in Bearwood on the outskirts of Birmingham. It’s a favourite spot for both families and dog walkers and a little haven of peace in a busy, noisy city.

  1. Geoffe said:

    Wow very photo realistic. Beautiful control of the medium.

  2. carole said:

    I love the perspective of this, and the texture. It is a tree, clearly, but it could also be a tentacly monster … it sort of disrupts your sense of balance.

  3. I love your work, and i invite you to take a look at mine, (on facebook under Jamie Gabrich) When i get my fineart web site up and running i would love to place a link or some of your work on it.

    Take care and good luck

    • Julie said:

      Thanks Jamie. I’ve had a peek and I love your photos.

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