Old king of the forest



Graphite drawing on paper

I took the photo of this huge old felled tree  in the New Forest last summer and filed it away for that rainy day sketch. Due to the typlical bank holiday weather I’ve spent the Easter weekend working on it .
The initial photo was much larger, I cropped it  to include the more interesting area to draw.

  1. carole said:

    This is beautiful, Julie! You are really good at finding an interesting composition to draw – and then doing the drawing so sensitively. I could imagine a series of these.

  2. Teresa said:

    I really like the detail, and like Carole says, nice comp. How large is the original drawing?

  3. Julie said:

    Not having a ruler with me (I’m still in Aberystwyth!) I estimate it to be approx 14″ x 11″

    I enjoy sketching probably the best of everything I do – hopefully I may be able to sell a few in the future!

  4. Elaine said:

    This is my favourite…I love your “black and white” drawings.
    However…when are you going to get some of the other wonderful abstracts printed on to fabric so I can use it? Exx

  5. Margaret said:

    This is fantastic Julie. You really can draw well. I really admire this talent because it is the thing I most struggle with.

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