Ocean series – 5




Acrylic & Ink on paper

Another image taken from a cropped section of Ocean 1.

After a base coat I used thin layers of paint pressed onto the paper with

tissue paper and masking tape, I then worked into some of the marks

with more paint – see close up image.

The photo doesn’t do this one justice as it gleams with light and texture.

  1. virtualnexus said:

    Looking for inspiration as I’m getting back into art after a long gap. I really liked your lights in Looe Harbour; and your approach to texture.

    I’ve admixed pva glue with acrylics before for effect, and peel surfaces apart at random.

  2. Julie said:

    Thanks! I’m into working into marks left from peeling and brush stroke at the moment – quite relaxing to do!

  3. carole said:

    These calligraphic-type marks are really interesting. It makes me think of fragments of manuscript, which with the ocean link, takes me to buried treasure!

    I would like to see these in the flesh, as I know the texture will be much richer than you can capture with a photograph. The colour and composition works really well though.

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