Yorkshire Tree


Graphite on paper

I recently came across this drawing while having a good clear out.

I did it a few months ago from one of Carole Kirk’s photographs (with her permision, naturally!).

I used to do a lot of drawings, but since starting my course I seem to do very little, which is a

shame as it’s one of my favourite mediums.

  1. carole said:

    It’s nice to see this again! I’d forgotten how good it was. It’s a much more interesting image than the photograph. Do you mind if I link to this from my site?

  2. Julie said:

    No – help yourself! Must admit I’d forgotten about so I put it on here as the original is likely to go in the paper box in the near future – must have a good clear out as running out of room!

  3. carole said:

    You can’t get rid of it!! Stick it in a frame and sell it!

  4. Julie said:

    It would be nice! I’d love to sell my art – maybe I need to explore this avenue! Thanks Carole!

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