Beyond the Surface – ‘Ocean series 1’



Acrylic paint on paper

Taken from a Beyond the Surface painting.

Using Photo shop I cropped, layered, flipped  to alter the image,

before moving it into paint.

  1. sheilawhittam said:

    Would love to have seen what your original image was prior to Photoshop ing.

  2. sheilawhittam said:

    You like geometric shapes and colour.

  3. carole said:

    Oh yes, I like this one very much. I like the painterly edges between the colours; the balance of red and blue so that they are in just the right proportion to make them really sing together; and I like the structure of those lines and the way that they are slightly rough rather than sharp edged. Very pleasing painting. I like your description of the process too. I too enjoy playing with my images on the computer to see new possibilities in them.

  4. Sir Henry Hollingsworth lll said:

    Absolutely SMASHING my dear girl! I must have it, it would be “the bee’s knees” for my study!

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