Beyond the Surface – Untitled 2


As before I poured watercolour paint over in prussian blue and cad yellow. Then worked into the Cartridge paper with oil pastels followed by acrylic paint.

  1. carole said:

    I love the way these evoke surfaces. This one makes me think of tree bark (particularly because of the format you’ve used) while the previous painting is more like the surface of the water. I really like the way the organic process you have used of letting the first application of paint find its own way recreates organic natural structures. I’d love to see these in real life.

    Any ideas for your FMP yet?

  2. Awesome painting, I love your use of textures and colors, and the way from what I see here, it forms a cohesive unit in your paintings. I love texture myself, and I’m very impressed. Can I ask a stupid question, what is heavy cartridge paper?

  3. Julie said:

    Heavy cartridge paper is almost like card it’s much thicker than that you use for drawing and I often use for painting – it’s usually about twice the price of the normal sheets.

    Thanks for the comments! I’m really pleased with the way they turned out as they started life as experiments with different papers and mixed medias.

    – Carole – No idea yet what I’m going to do for my Final Major Project, getting a bit worried and I hoping that at sometime the sky will part and inspiration will shine through!! Meanwhile still having fun with Beyond the Surface ideas!

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