Beyond the Surface – 5 (Circle Petals)

Circle Petals

Acrylic & ink on paper 5″ dia

I have been using circles of paper to press texture into think paint.

Here I have used black ink to emphasise the patterns left behind.

This is just one of many different patterns from a series of work.

  1. carole said:

    The patterns formed are very interesting, aren’t they? It creates an interesting organic design. It’s a shame that the texture doesn’t show well on reproductions.

  2. Julie said:

    Thanks Carole…

    I’ve been trying out making texture in circles of paper and each one is different – as you say – the image doesn’t show all the lovely textures.

    Any frost on the web yet?

  3. carole said:

    There was plenty frost, but now it’s just wet! The string will probably rot if I’m not careful.

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